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Image as Image Setting Assignment

This assignment influenced some of my currently BFA artworks. The reasoning is object as object and image as image assignment which is good example for “interference.”

My PhotoBlog

These images are so interesting to do assignment that my professor gave out but somehow, I like these pictures more than before what I did. I’m very interesting in composition, light, position of setting, get images to interpreting in different way on my own world, word, art, and piece in me.


DSC_0087   DSC_0090DSC_0082

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Final project for final week

It is for Independent Study class and an assignment that related to my BFA but little different although.


This photo that I took is actually Independent Study project for final. I chose ‘transfer a image as image’ but more likely digital photoshop instead using in the darkroom.


These photo works might using for BFA space as I want to choose because of college and black/white photography. However,  I have alot of photos that I need to remove and keep for use in the future.

For now, my artworks got messed up for three important things: interruption, clear and blur images.


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