Artist Statement

BFA Artist Statement:
Photography in Fine Arts is most focus for me and my passion. I like to focus on any type of photography but for now, I put my confidence in black and white photography.

I like to work on recycled materials – for example, I could be use scraps of paper like used photo paper or any type of paper that can print on it.

Most of my artworks are about blurry & clear images, collage, and interruption. More likely image as image assignment. I am very visual person and I have many perspectives through camera’s lens and angles.

This hint is represent me as Deaf artist with astigmatism.


JAPR Artist Statement:
I am fascinated by the nature of the moment and the objects that have something for meanings.

Visual communication is important to me because I am Deaf and can’t talk well in speech. It’s difficult for me to communicate directly with people but not for art. I can talk to anyone through the art in my photographs in some sense. Being Deaf is force my eyes more sharp to notice things everywhere. For example, the nature doesn’t have eyes or mouth to speak but it can talk to me directly through visual communication. It give me to experiment myself with photographs through communication. It are the result of my personal investigation of the world.

Right now, I’m focusing on objects to interfere in the natural environment like I put myself in my artworks (photography) to interfere in any environment like I want them to get know me.


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