Redo schedule from today and future

Week Five (March 23rd – March 29th)
– Be refresh on brainstorm
– Write few pages for how to be present
– Recheck on artist statement
– Experiment to printing on different material paper
– Continue to be drawing

Week Six (March 30th – April 5th)
– Research gallery space
– Figure out how to display
– Finalized drawings/prints/photos

Week Seven (April 6th – April 12th)
– Installation Day
– Finalized artist statement
– Exhibition opens on Apr 10th

Week Eight (April 13th – April 19th)
– practice time on sign language/talking/presenting/thinking about Qs & As
– Present for opening reception
– celebration time!


Announcement Postcard for BFA Show

I ordered art exhibition postcard for my BFA show, several weeks ago and it has arrived today or last Friday. Anyway, here’s sneak peek of my postcard.

PS I’m not sure what to do with these because I have no idea what to do “adverting” my upcoming show.