Junior Art Portfolio Review Presentation

Here’s my old works what I did in JAPR, last Spring. How it looks different from my current artworks…..

My PhotoBlog

Artist Statement – Junior Art Portfolio Review

I am fascinated by the nature of the moment. My photographs are directed by the landscape itself. I feel that something in nature tries to get me to understand or make a connection with it. I try to seek connection through nature because it is part of me. Visual communication is important to me because I am Deaf and can’t easily communicate with hearing people, but art communicates directly. I can talk to anyone through my photographs. Being Deaf forces my eyes to be sharper; I notice things everywhere. Being Deaf means more expression with body language and visual communication. For example, nature doesn’t have eyes or a mouth to speak with, but it can talk to me directly through visual communication. In turn, I communicate these ideas visually to the rest of the world.

Using a digital SLR camera, I enter the…

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