I had done with my BFA final show before my graduation. I was so relieved that I had done after stressful art works and processes. For today, I moved back to my hometown and might not go to grad school yet due I have to take care of importants stuff to be done first. Probably, it will takes me whole of my lifetime…oh well.

Anyway, I will stop to post or update for this blog since it was for my senior art show. But I will still continue to use my originalĀ blog. I have public Facebook for art only – here’s my link.

So long!


BFA Updating

Ah, it’s today for my BFA opening reception! So nervous! 😣

I wish my family comes up to see me and my show feom SoCal but unfortunately, they can’t come due to annual house checkup inspection which is scheduled by tomorrow. šŸ˜„ However, they will come up to graduation day and moving day! :mrgreen:

Redo schedule from today and future

Week Five (March 23rd – March 29th)
– Be refresh on brainstorm
– Write few pages for how to be present
– Recheck on artist statement
– Experiment to printing on different material paper
– Continue to be drawing

Week Six (March 30th – April 5th)
– Research gallery space
– Figure out how to display
– Finalized drawings/prints/photos

Week Seven (April 6th – April 12th)
– Installation Day
– Finalized artist statement
– Exhibition opens on Apr 10th

Week Eight (April 13th – April 19th)
– practice time on sign language/talking/presenting/thinking about Qs & As
– Present for opening reception
– celebration time!


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